Bomb detection dogs

We train and sell the best bomb detection dogs. Police Dogs Centre Holland has a very long experience on training explosive dogs.

Bomb detection dogs breeds

Police Dogs Centre Holland uses different kinds of breeds. The most common bomb detection dogs breeds however are :

  • Belgian Malinois
  • German Shepherd
  • Dutch Shepherd

On customers demand however we also train and sell different breeds. Please feel free to ask any additional information and contact us via our contact form. Because we are aware of the fact the customers might have very special demands Police Dogs Centre Holland will nearly always be able to meet their requests.

Bomb detection dogs training

Bomb detection dogs training

At our facilities in Holland and the Czech Republic we train all our working dogs. Our trainers know how to trigger dogs to do excellent bomb detection work, according to international standards. Daily training is part of the bomb detection dogs training. Dogs go thru different kinds of training, so they can be put to work in different area’s. In that respect you have to think about searches in :

  • buildings
  • cars
  • airports
  • other facilities like schools 

Our bomb detection dogs training consists of an average of sixty hours of training the dogs. In that period the dog will learn to recognize different kinds of explosives like :

  • TNT Semtex
  • C4
  • Data sheed
  • Detenation Cord
  • Gun powder
  • Blackpowder
  • Dynamite
  • RDC

All our bomb detection dogs are trained on these explosive odors in various situations. 

Special training methods

Together with our customers we can arrange special training methods upon request. This can vary from special training for police dogs or so called training on the job. In these programs we do not just train the dog, but also the handler receives an excellent training. These training methods are specific orientated on the handler. Feel free to contact for more information and the possibilities Police Dogs Centre Holland can offer you. We can also facilitate these courses within your company at your facilities. The course length depends on the kind of training and may vary from several days to several months.

Your personnel will be guided by experienced instructors and trainers.

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