Explosive detection dogs

We have the best explosive detection dogs in the world. Police Dogs Centre Holland trains and sells bomb dogs.

Explosive detection dogs for sale

We sell the best explosive detection dogs in the world. Police Dogs Centre Holland trains and sells green working dogs and also fully trained workings dogs. All year around we have dogs in training programs. Our explosive detection dogs are able to trace the following explosives :

  • TNT Semtex Explosive detection dogs
  • C4
  • Data sheed
  • Detenation Cord
  • Gun powder
  • Blackpowder
  • Dynamite
  • RDC

Our training programs on explosive detection dogs are given on a daily basis. When explosives are detected by the dog, they are taught to sit and keep silent. Over the years many customer bought explosive detection dogs from Police Dogs Centre Holland. We sold bomb dogs all over the world to various customers.

Training programs

Video Explosive detection dogs – training

Our explosive detection dogs are trained every day by our staff. Experienced dog trainers keep records of all our dogs. This means our customers will know what to expect from our dogs. All our bomb dogs are trained in different situations. 

Normally customers handpick their dogs at our facilities in Holland. When there, they can also experience the way how we train our dogs. Our dog trainers will assist customers while picking their dogs.

Our dogs are trained for 60 hours or more on detecting explosives. If required, the certify the completion of our training programs. 

Explosive detection dogs in practice

Our dogs are put to work in different situations. They can be used on airports, buildings or cars. We teach our dogs to sit calmly whenever explosives have been detected by the dog. After detection of the explosives, handlers can step into the situation and take the necessary steps to clear the situation.

At the moment Police Dogs Centre Holland delivers explosive detection dogs to the Middle East, North and South America.

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