German shepherd police dogs

When it comes to German shepherd police dogs, we can say we do like these kinds of dogs a lot. German shepherd police dogs are very popular around the world. They do stand for their job and it does not matter in what kind of line of work they are in. 

German shepherd police dogs have always been around. It stands for power and loyalty. This kind of dog can handle every job. At Police Dogs Centre Holland German shepherd police dogs are trained on a daily basis. They can be used as detection dogs or as patrol dogs.

german shepherd police dogs

The dogs we train and sell are all in between one and two years old. After a basic training program a more specific program starts for the German shepherd police dogs. The average training program takes about four months. In that time period all our dogs are trained to become a detector dog or (dual) patrol dog.

German shepherd police dogs for sale

Police Dogs Centre Holland has an outstanding selection available. Our German shepherd police dogs for sale have been trained intensively during a four-month training program. When we sell our German shepherd police dogs, we make sure that our customer will get what he or she needs. A reliable and trustworthy dog, that will execute its job perfectly.

Our German shepherd police dogs for sale all come with:

  • Passport
  • Health certificate
  • X-ray images on CD

Of course our customers can hand-select the German shepherd police dogs at our kennel in the Netherlands. We are based about 1,5 hour South of Amsterdam. Accommodation and transportation can be provided on request.

We have all year around the finest selection of German shepherds police dogs for sale. Trained and worked on, the serve you at any time, in any condition.