K9 Dogs

K9 Dogs. We train police and working dogs for our customers all over the world. Patrol dogs, bomb dogs, drug dogs or any kind of detection dogs.

Selecting K9 dogs

Police Dog Centre Holland has an outstanding record on selecting k9 dogs. Our canine dogs are sold to customers all over the world and used for all kind of purposes. Only a yearly basis about 3,000 dogs leave our kennels, trained for various duties. Our staff is dedicated to find to best K9 dogs possible and travel all over Europe. We have build up major expertise in judging dogs.

Besides skills of the dog an extensive medical health check is part of our selection procedure. Normally, about 160 k9 dogs are in training at our kennels in Holland and the Czech Republic.

Training K9 dogs

Our K9 dogs are trained on a daily basis. Our staff is able to train detection work dogs in an indoor facility in Sint-Oedenrode, The Netherlands. Training patrol work is done on our premises outdoors. Bite work and tracking work is part of the intensive training program of our k9 dogs. All our staff members have their own group of k9 dogs, so that way they are able to learn everything about the dogs while training them daily. K9 Dogs

We train k9 dogs in these different disciplines :

  • Patrol dogs
  • Detection dogs

Both disciplines contain either single of dual purpose dogs. Patrol dogs are often used by police law enforcement officers.


Our kennels in Holland and the Czech Republic can hold up to 160 k9 working dogs. This means Police Dogs Centre Holland can supply working dogs most of time in a very short notice. We are proud to say that we are one of the major companies in line of business in the world. More than 25 years of experience in selecting and working on k9 dogs has given us a very good reputation. 

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