K9 Police Dogs

Police Dogs Centre Holland is specialized in K9 Police Dogs. We train and sell police dogs all over the world.

K9 Police dogs for sale

Police Dogs Centre Holland is one the largest companies in the world regarding training and selling K9 police dogs. Normally, we always have police dogs at our kennels in various training programs. This also means that we can quickly supply our customers with K9 police dogs. We hand select our K9 and we guarantee our dogs to perform as single or dual purpose working dogs.

Please check out our page Police Dogs for sale for the latest arrivals. Police Dogs Centre Holland placed hundreds of dogs at various customers all over the world. Different police dog breeds are always available for our customers.

All our K9 dogs undergo an intensive medical check when the arrive at our facilities. Shipping the dogs to our customers also means the customers will receive the following papers or media :

  • (medical) passport
  • X-rays of hips and elbows (on CD)
  • health certificate by a veterinarian
  • Pedigree (if applicable)

K9 Police Dogs training

We have extensive training programs. Our dogs are trained on a daily basis by different trainers. Every trainer is responsible for a group of K9 police dogs. By interacting with our dogs on a daily basis our customers get the best information possible on the dogs they need. K9 Police Dogs training includes different kinds of training.

  • Single purpose
  • Dual purpose

Single purpose means the dog is specialized in a specific line of work. For example: these dogs are trained to detect narcotics. These dogs are not suitable for defense or bite work. 

Dual purpose dogs are suitable for different jobs. For example: they can be used as bomb detection dogs and also for defensive work.

Police Dogs Centre Holland guarantees the best K9 police dogs for our customers.

Half trained police dogs

On customers demand we also train and sell half trained k9 police dogs. Customers will finish the training of the dogs by themselves. Of course also these half trained police dogs come with all the required papers and also these dogs go thru an intensive medical check.

Please contact us for additional information on the dogs we have available in our kennels at this moment.

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