K9 working dogs

Looking for K9 Working Dogs ? At Police Dogs Centre Holland you will find the best !

The best K9 working dogs

At Police Dogs Centre Holland we sell and train the best K9 working dogs in the world. Our dogs are carefully selected and once selected trained on a daily basis in different programs. This way we can proudly say we provide the best single purpose and dual purpose K9 working dogs in the world.

Our customers come visit us from all over the world and handpick the K9 working dogs they need for their programs.

K9 working dogs

Being in business more than twenty five years, we have build up all the expertise necessary to deliver optimal services to our customers. 

Qualifications K9 working dogs

All our dogs are handpicked. After observing their skills we examine all the dogs medically thoroughly. We x-ray hips and elbows of all the dogs we select, so we are sure our customers will not face any problems regarding that matter either. Of course other medical checks are executed when the dogs arrive at our kennels in the Netherlands.

After being brought in, the dogs will start an intensive training program. This means all our dogs will be trained twice a day in which we carefully observe the skills of all our dogs. This way our trainers get familiar with the dogs and are able to provide customers all the information on dogs they need.

K9 working dogs for sale

On average we have hundred working dogs in our kennels participating different training programs. Patrol dogs and detection dogs are trained according international standards. We customers visit our kennel we make sure that there are k9 working dogs available that will meet your standards. Feel free to contact us any time.

Police Dogs Centre Holland provides the best K9 working dogs. Quality dogs for quality prices !

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