Kinds of detector dogs

We sell the best detector dogs in the world. More than 25 years of experience !

Different kinds of detector dogs

Dogs have an excellent sense of smelling materials. At our facilities in the Netherlands we train and sell detection dogs that are trained to find explosives and narcotics. We devide our detector dogs in three different levels of training :

  • green dogs
  • half trained detection dogs
  • full trained detection dogs

Our detector dogs are trained at our facilities in the Netherlands on a daily basis. A detector dog is trained to detect explosives of to detect narcotics. It is not possible to have a dog detect explosive and narcotics. Detector dogs are put to service all over the world. At Police Dogs Centre Holland the following breeds are trained :

  • German shepherd
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Dutch shepherd
  • Labradors

On average we have around fourty dogs in training. Customers can hand-select the detector dogs while visiting our facilities.

Medical records

All our detector dogs are medically checked before shipping to our customers. This means we will provide X-rays of hips and elbows and also certificates concerning vacination of the detector dogs is standard procedure. We also guarantee the medical condition of our dogs after shipment to our customers for a period of six months. This way the chance of medical problems for the customer are downsized to a minimum.

Training detector dogs

Detector dogs are trained on a daily basis. A detector dogs is either trained to detect explosives or to detect narcotics. While trained on explosives a dog should learn to detect to following explosives :

  • TNT
  • RDX
  • Dynamite
  • Semtex
  • C4
  • Anfo

When we train dogs to detect narcotics, they learn to detect :

  • Marijuana
  • Herion
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamines
  • Other narcotics

All detector dogs are trained indoor and outdoor. The dogs are used to search for material in :

  • vehicles
  • buildings
  • luggage
  • airports

Selecting detector dogs

The best way to purchase detector dogs is to come over to our facilities and stay for a few days. That way you will be able to see the dogs in training and easily select your dogs. Experienced trainers will be able to assist you while you select your dogs for the job. Our trainers will be able to inform you on the dogs behavior and also will be able to tell you more about our training methods.




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