Mine Detection Dogs (MDD’s) – Video –

Mine detection dogs are trained on a daily basis in our facilities. MDD’s are trained to sit down as soon as a land mine has been discovered. 

Mine detection dogs training

The training program of mine detection dogs starts as early as possible. A fully trained MDD can be operational at the age of 18 months. Before that times puppies are carefully watched and finally selected to become a mine detection dog. A excellent ball drive is of course necessary as a reward system. 

Video Mine Detection Dog Training

After the pup has been selected as an MDD, we start training in various circumstances. Also this process is carefully observed by our team. Mine detection dogs should have a long search drive, is used to work in different surroundings and is not afraid of loud noises. 

Mine detection dogs breeds Mine Detection Dogs

Most common breeds of MDD’s are :

  • Belgian Malinois
  • German Shepherd
  • Dutch Shepherd

The reason why these breeds are suitable as mine detection dogs is also very simple. They love to work for you and all have a great drive detecting explosives. Police Dogs Centre Holland works with the best trainers in world to train MDD’s. Our training programs are very intensive and we have served many satisfied customers all over the world. 

If you need more information about our mine detection dogs program, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will proudly present you with all the information you need.

The use of Mine detection dogs

These kind of dogs are often used as an additional tool for large demining activities. The United Nations have several programs all over the world in which MDD’s are used for big projects to clear area’s of all kinds of land mines. Our goal is to help to make the world a safer place. In that respect MDD’s can make sure that people can use their properties again.

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