Narcotic detection dogs for sale

Police Dogs Centre Holland has a large number of narcotic detection dogs for sale. Our narc dogs are trained on a daily basis by experienced trainers. The selection of narcotic detection dogs is based on a high ball drive. After the selection procedure the dogs enter a specific program and start training to detect narcotics.

Our drug dogs have excellent skills doing the job they are trained for. On a yearly basis Police Dogs Centre Holland sells about 2,500 police dogs, working in different fields. Our narcotic detection dogs are sold all over the world.

Pictures of narcotic detection dogs for sale

Below you will find some pictures of narcotic detection dogs for sale. If you are looking to purchase dogs, please contact us and we will make you offer on these kind of dogs. All narcotic detection dogs come with passports and a health certificate. Also we provide customers with a CD on which x-rays of hips and elbows are projected.

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Narcotic detection dogs training program

Our drug dogs are standardly trained to locate the following narcotics :

  • Marijuana
  • Herion
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamines

Of course our dogs can be trained to locate different narcotics as well. Just feel free to make inquiries about it and contact us through our website.

While detecting drugs the dogs are trained in different surroundings. We train our narcotic detection dogs in or with:

  • Building
  • Luggage
  • Vehicles