Police dogs in action

To see police dogs in action can be very spectacular. At Police Dogs Centre Holland we train our dogs on a daily basis. We do so in different routines. Every dog is trained in one or two specialities.

 This means we give our dogs an extensive training program during a relatively short time. Our trainers keep accurate records of the dogs they train. We train our dogs in the following disciplines :

  • Patrol dogs
  • Narcotics detection
  • Explosive detection

Police dogs in action training methods

 Our police dog training is considered to be very professional and intense. In our training programs we see police dogs in action on a daily basis. Normally the average period of training is about four to six weeks. Police dog training means that our dogs are selected to match a specific profile. 

 After the selection, the dogs enter the program. Every program has its own trainer, so this way trainer and dog become very familiar to each other. The training programs our dogs are set up for :

  • Bite work Police dogs in action
  • Narcotics detection on boxes (basic training)
  • Narcotics detection on cars, buildings or luggage
  • Explosive detection on boxes (basic)
  • Explosive detection on cars, buildings and luggage

Police dogs for sale

 On average there are about 120 dogs in stock, all in different training programs. Customers normally come over to us, and hand select the dogs at our facilities in the Netherlands and meet the trainers of the dogs and get inside information if required on the dogs performance.

On a yearly basis we train and sell 2,500 + dogs this way worldwide. To see recent pictures of the dogs we have available at this moment we advise you to look at the YouTube movie we made recently. It gives a good impression of the dogs you are able to purchase with us. 

If you need a quotation of police dogs for sale, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail. This is by far the fastest way to get in touch with us. After your inquiry a quotation of your request will be mailed to you as soon as possible.