Police Sniffer Dogs

Police Sniffer dogs – Police Dogs Centre Holland has the best !

Training police sniffer dogs

We train our police sniffer dogs on a daily basis at our facilities in the Netherlands. Our dogs can be delivered fully trained or half trained all over the world. Our police sniffer dogs are already working around the globe. While training police sniffer dogs our customers can specificy different kinds of odors and we will extend our training program accordingly. 

Our police sniffer dogs can be used to detect :

  • explosives
  • narcotics
  • other materials

Our dogs are often used by Police Forces, Government forces and security companies. Also large companies or multi-nationals make extensive use of our police sniffer dogs. Depending on the customers’ requirements we are able to deliver any kind of detection dog, full or half-trained. We also offer handler courses on police sniffer dogs. Just inform with us about the programs we offer. Together with the customer we are able to provide you custom made courses. Our courses are normally given at our facilities in the Netherlands, however, on request, we provide courses at the customers’s location as well.

Police sniffer dogs

Training program

Police sniffer dogs are trained to us their sense of smell. While practicing the dog training dogs are rewarded every time they succeed in detecting materials. Combined with loyalty and obedience our police sniffer dogs are perfect to go into further training programs at our customers.

Of course we are able to deliver fully trained police sniffer dogs. However, most of our customers buy half-trained dogs with us and then start their own training program to finish the dogs. 

Our green working dog program is well known all over the world. Most of our customers are aware of the fact that Police Dogs Centre Holland delivers highly qualified dogs for their own training programs. If you have any questions on police sniffer dogs, just feel free to contact us any time. 

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