Company Profile

Police dogs centre Holland

Police Dogs Centre Holland is a leading company in the world of police dogs and other working dogs. Owner, Arnold van den Oetelaar is a pioneer in this industry.
Founded in 1987, when working dogs were a mere phenomenon the company continues to grow.  Our level of skills and experience means we can offer our clients superior quality dogs.
Police dogs centre has kennels to house 180 dogs, professional handlers and training facilities.  Our international clientele are testament to the service we offer.  Over 50 government agencies, institutes, defence and police services continue to rely on our expertise to deliver quality working dogs.

What are the benefits of working with us?


Our facilities are designed specifically for specialised dog training. With the expansion of the Dutch centre, there are now at least 8 training areas – enabling the training for explosive and narcotics to be completely separated from other activities.  
The training/walking fields are situated in close proximity to a large forest, an ideal location thus!
Quality dogs
The dogs we acquire are subject to extensive selective criteria.  They undergo a medical inspection in our own medical department before allowed to enter the facilities.
Throughout the years we have built up a widespread network in the European market.  This ensures access to and delivery of high quality dogs and the main reason behind our presence in the Czech Republic.

Transport and accessibility

Close cooperation with DTC International (situated in Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport), has added benefits in meeting international logistical needs.  PDCH can deliver selected dogs to any destination throughout the world.

Pleasant stay

Should you choose to visit us in the Netherlands, our team can help you find suitable accommodation/hotel.  In the region known for fine cuisine, pristine landscape and rich culture.  A guaranteed pleasant stay even for the most prudent.
If necessary, we can provide our foreign guests with a rental car.
It is our meticulous attention to detail, experience and innovator which has made Police Dogs Centre Holland an indispensable partner.
We strive to deliver the best services and high-end products to all our clients hence we’ve become a major supplier of working dogs worldwide.

History Police Dogs Centre Holland

Police Dogs Centre Holland was established in 1987, located in Vleutstraat 18 in Liempde.  The company has undergone numerous transitions and progress ever-since.  Acquiring and training dogs for narcotics & explosive detection. We have an international client base, due to experience, skill expertise in the field.
We have grown from 48 dogs in our shelter to a fully equipped 120 kennels centre.
With the acquisition of new training facilities in the Czech Republic in 1998, PDCH has extended its selection base for well trained dogs.  An important gateway to the significantly large and untapped East European market.

Our new location in Spierkesweg is testament to the growing demand and success of the company
•    120 dog kennels
•    2 fully equipped training rooms
•    Medical department area
•    Latest X-ray scanner
•    New quarantine shelter
•    Offices
•    Luxury furnished area for the team and our foreign guests.
•    Luxury furnished lounge for the residence of various foreign guests.

In 2010 an extra wing was built next to the kennels, adding 6 separate training areas for narcotics and explosives.

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