Police Dogs Centre Holland

Police Dogs Centre Holland trains and sells police dogs all over the world. For more than twenty five years it is a leading company regarding K9 dogs.

On this website we try to give you an idea of our company, which is based in the Netherlands. Beside our facilities in the Netherlands, we train our dogs in the Czech Republic, near the capital Prague.

Please feel free to contact us on any questions you might have. We will gladly answer you.

Police Dogs Centre Holland : for the best quality working dogs !

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21 february 2014 – Newspaper article in “Eindhovens Dagblad” and video report of Police Dogs Centre Holland (incl. introducing commercial…)

Police Dogs Centre team

Police Dogs Centre team

Police dogs company profile and services

Company profile and services

Police dogs facilities gallery

Police dogs facilities gallery

land-mines detection dogs

Different kinds of detector dogs

At our facilities in the Netherlands we train and sell detection dogs that are trained to find explosives and narcotics.

Finding drugs or bombs is the main task of these kind of dogs. These single purpose K9 police dogs are the best you will find worldwide.

police working dogs

Police patrol dogs training

Police dogs training means, that we train our dogs to perform well in different situations. Solid police dogs that are ready to execute their tasks. At Police Dogs Centre Holland we make sure that customers will find the dog or dogs they are looking for.

Our K9 police dogs training is setup according international standards. Of course is extensive testing of these dogs possible while customers visit our facilities.


The best K9 working dogs

At Police Dogs Centre Holland we sell and train the best K9 working dogs in the world. Our K9 working dogs are best to none.

Different breeds all year around available ! Dual purpose or single purpose ? Green – semi trained or fully trained K9 working dogs.

detection dogs

Narcotic detection dogs for sale

Our narcotics dogs are trained on a daily basis by experienced trainers. Trained in different situations they will find different kinds of drugs.

Drug dogs are able to find any kind of drugs when they are trained the correct way. At Police Dogs Centre Holland we make sure that our drug dogs reach high levels of productivity.