Arnold van den Oetelaar (founder) is a highly reputable individual in the field of canine training.  He has travelled extensively around the world since the company was founded in 1987.  The industry has seen an explosion in demand coupled with drastic need to diversify where v.d Oetelaar’s experience in assessing trends played an important role and still does. Only a select specialised team makes up the staff of Police Dogs Centre Holland.  Our team are professional dog handlers who are devoted both in care and love for the dogs.  The handlers are renowned for intuitive skills and professionalism. Arnold van den Oetelaar, Director/ owner (former logistics supervisor in the Royal Dutch Air force & Navy) is assigned the role of PR and maintaining contacts locally and internationally. Francisco Sanmartin Morillas, Frank is a very experienced K9 trainer. For more than twenty years he is active in this business. Worked in the USA and in Latin America for many years on large training programs. Frank is responsible for the narcotics and explosives specialised training. Jan Žocek Jan Žocek is running our kennels in the Czech Republic together with Pavel. He travels through most Eastern European countries in search for the best dogs. Jan has a great instinct for selecting high quality dogs. Pavel Žitka Pavel organizes the trainings at our facility in the Czech Republic. He makes sure that the dogs are in good shape and trained to a certain level before being shipped to the Netherlands. Jan and Pavel both are on a regular basis in the Netherlands to join the programs there as well as assisting customers while handpicking their dogs. Alex van Stiphout Alex is our kennel master. He takes care of our kennel dogs concerning health issues is responsabel of daily feeding and cleaning activities.

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