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Police Dogs


Students of Helicon visit our kennel

On March 26 and March 27 – 2014 a group of about 30 students visited our kennel in Holland. The students all study animal care at Helicon in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Police Dogs Centre Holland and...

Patrol - police dogs training 0

Police dogs training

Police dogs training means, that we train our dogs to perform well in different situations. It could mean that the police dog should be able to detect materials like narcotics or explosives, or detect...

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German shepherd police dogs

When it comes to German shepherd police dogs, we can say we do like these kinds of dogs a lot. German shepherd police dogs are very popular around the world. They do stand for...


Police dog handler training

Police dog handler training given by experienced instructors. That is also an activity of Police Dogs Centre Holland. In the Police dog handler training, we learn students how to work with perfect K9 dogs. We...

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Police dogs in action

To see police dogs in action can be very spectacular. At Police Dogs Centre Holland we train our dogs on a daily basis. We do so in different routines. Every dog is trained in...