Protection dogs

Protection dogs are used for different purposes. The can protect a person or a family or protection dogs are used to protect a property. When these kind of dogs are used for personal protection, it is necessary that they react as soon as their owner (or his family members) is in a dangerous situation. 

Protection dogs should be social dogs as well. They are used to daily family life, but will respond as soon as intruders disturb the peace. An other common name for these kind of dogs is guard dog. It will react with or without commands.

Personal protection dogs are usually trained to act after they have been given a command. However reacting without a proper command is also possible.

Bonding with protection dogs

A very important part is that the owner or handler bonds with the protection dog. Daily training will maximize the bonding process between dog and owner. Of course all basic commands are trained. Another aspect of protection dogs training is on- and off leash obedience training.

protection dogs

When the owner or handler finished the basic training program of the protection dog, it is time to enter the dog into the daily family life. The protection dog becomes a member of your family and training will continue on a less frequent basis.

It is important to have full control over the protection dog. It should attack on your command, when you think it is necessary. To have full control over the dog is an essential part of training.

Attacking an aggressor is normally given by command. But in some situation the protection dogs are aware of the danger and will attack without commands. Also when the command is given that the protection dog should stop his attack is of course very important. All these commands are learned at our centre.

Training protection dogs

It is very important the protector dogs are trained on a regular basis. Of course these dogs want to protect in the first place, but like any other discipline, training is important to keep in shape.

They should stay focussed in many circumstances. A big aspect of training protection dogs is that training is done under different and difficult situation. Loud noise or big distraction should be implemented a decent training programs.