K9 Detection : what is the purpose

How can you use K9 Detection ? There are many ways to use dogs to detect different materials. PDCH sells and trains these kind of dogs.

What is K9 Detection ?

K9 Detection is using specially trained dogs to detect any kind of substance. In general detector dogs are divided for different purposes. K9 Detection can help you search for :

  • Explosives detection
  • Narcotics detection

Police Dogs Centre Holland is specialized in training and selling dogs that can detect bombs and drugs. In that field we also train our working dogs to look for mines or landmines. Our dogs are intensively trained to assist police forces or military forces all over the world. Customers handpick their detector dogs at our facilities in the Netherlands.

K9 Detection

Explosive detection dogs

Explosive detection dogs are trained to search for explosives. Any kind of explosives ! In our training programs explosive detection dogs search for these kinds of explosives :

    •    TNT Semtex
    •    C4
    •    Data sheed
    •    Detenation Cord
    •    Gun powder
    •    Blackpowder
    •    Dynamite
    •    RDC

Our dogs are trained to search for any kind of explosive odors. They are trained to become very reliable and accurate. K9 detection is a very serious job. The handlers must depend on their dogs. At our training center we learn our K9 detector dogs this speciality.

Narcotics detection dogs

Besides explosives, K9’s can also be used to find narcotics. These so called drug dogs are trained at our venue. Narcotics detection dogs search for the following narcotics :

•    Marijuana
•    Cocaine
•    Herion
•    Methamphetamines
•    Other narcotics

K9 detections dogs are trained to find any kind of narcotics odors. Police Dogs Centre Holland can supply customers with full trained drug dogs, or half trained drug dogs. This means the customers finish the dogs at their facility. Our dogs are known to be the best in this field.



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