Police Dog Handler

Becoming a police dog handler. Police Dog Centre Holland offers this kind of training. Learning how to handle police dogs in a personal course, given by certified trainers.

How to become a police dog handler

Imagine yourself being a police dog handler ? It can be a fascinating job ! Learning how to become a police dog handler is not an easy job however. Extensive training of the handler and the dog is necessary if you want to become a police dog handler. Police Dog Centre Holland offers all kinds of courses. Together with our trainers, students go to an impressive trainingprogram. The courses are given at our facilities in the Netherlands or, on request, at the facilities of the customer.

Most of training program consists of training police dogs. However also a theory study is given by our trainers. Please feel free to ask for more information and prices and use our contact page to do so.

Professional police dog handler training can be done in a professional way ! Over more than 25 years we have been in business with satisfied customers all over the world.

Police dog handler training basics

For our police dog handler training we use different kinds of police dog breeds. The police dogs are trained to guard criminal suspects. At the same time the police dog handler searches the suspect. Besides that skill, police dogs are able to track down criminal suspects in open fields, buildings or other locations.

Course content

  • Safety first : procedures on safety
  • Obedience
  • Maintenance
  • Sanitation
  • First Aid and safety precautions
  • How to perform as a police dog
  • Search tactics
  • Obedience ; read your police K9
  • Attack commands and how to stop your police dog from attacking suspects
  • Administration of your police dog

We garantuee students one of the best police dog handler training in the world. Our police dog trainers are known all over the world to be the best in this job. 
Police Dog Handler


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