Police dog handler training

Police dog handler training given by experienced instructors. That is also an activity of Police Dogs Centre Holland. In the Police dog handler training, we learn students how to work with perfect K9 dogs. We teach how to work with the dogs and how this can be done in a very effective way.

Police dog handler training is given at different locations. Not only at our facility in the Netherlands we educate students, also in the Czech Republic and in the USA, Police Dogs Centre Holland has optimal facilities to learn students how to work with police dogs. Our police dog handler training is given in different routines. Please feel free to make inquiries about our classes and possibilities.

police dog handler training

Police dog handler training courses

Our courses may vary in length. Depending on the skills of the students we offer different kinds of police dog handler training courses. From novice to expert, we will offer the best courses available in the world. Police Dogs Centre Holland will guide you or your students thru an intensive training program during several weeks. Besides basic police dog handler training courses we offer also courses that are meant for more experienced handlers. New techniques and working methods are brought into practice.

Information Police dog handler training

Please feel free to contact us any time on available courses. All our police dog handler training courses are custom made. Together with our customers we schedule a program for students, so this makes our concept unique. No program is the same, just the basic training is the same.

On special request we send our instructors to the customer. This means our courses are also given at different locations in the world. Just feel free to ask for more information and Police Dogs Centre Holland will make you a custom made offer.