Working dogs for sale

Police Dogs Centre Holland has the best working dogs for sale. More than fourty dogs in stock all year around.

Pictures working dogs for sale

We renew or pictures of working dogs for sale on a weekly basis. This way our customers are offered a way to view what kind of dogs are available at that moment. On a regular basis we have about 40 workings dogs for sale. Of course these dogs have different skills, so the choice is up to our customers. If you want more information on our dogs, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly give you additional information.

K9 Dogs

Training working dogs for sale

All our working dogs for sale are part of an intensive (daily) training program. Our trainers work with a fixed group of  dogs. This way all the necessary information on the working dogs is always available. Please feel free to ask additional information on the dog or dogs you find on our website and contact us thru our contact page of our website. We will respond as soon as possible.

Selection procedure

Most customer come over to Holland and visit our facilities. In a relaxed atmosphere they select the dogs they want. Our trainers will assist them by selecting top quality working dogs. If you have special requirements please let us know ahead so we can prepare the dogs especially for you. It does not matter if the selection concerns single or purpose dogs. Together with our customers we make the finest and best selection possible. Of course medical records are held of our working dogs for sale.


All our working dogs for sale have health certificates and passports. Also X-rays are made and burned on DVD’s. The total medical information will be shipped to our customers when we ship the dogs to our customers. Health records are always available.  

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